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USA Dance - Join us!

USA Dance is a 501c3 non-profit organization supporting dancesport athletes and recreational dancers throughout the United States. We have nearly 200 chapters throughout the USA connecting with children, youth, adults and seniors of all interest and skill levels who all have one thing in common - the love of dance!

USA Dance is a member of the IDSF and the National Governing Body of DanceSport in the U.S. as recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Join with us! Help us grow our organization, pursue the Olympic dream for dancesport, continue our outreach and raise awareness to all Americans about the wonderful physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dance.


Benefits to all Individual Members

Membership funds the majority of our organization's efforts and provides many benefits to dancers throughout the United States. One of the greatest benefits of membership in USA Dance is simply being an active participant in and supporter of this dynamic and effective leader, promoter and supporter of ballroom dancing. Many members say that attending USA Dance events and association with the friends they make at those events quickly becomes a significant and very pleasurable part of their life. This applies regardless of age or whether the member is a Social Dancer, DanceSport Athlete, Student, or Junior dancer. Dancers who love to travel enjoy the instant social life they find while on vacation. Other more specific benefits are listed below:


Discounts on Admissions

Attend our fabulous chapter dances anywhere in the country and pay the lower admission prices applicable to members. Each dance usually starts with a one-hour dance lesson, followed by several hours of general dancing. The typical program includes mixers, line dances, and dance demonstrations.


Dance Information

All members receive a subscription to our exciting bimonthly magazine, American Dancer. Members can use free Dancemart classified advertising in American Dancer magazine to sell personal costumes, shoes etc. or search for a partner. See magazine for details.

Receive Chapter Newsletters covering local ballroom dance news, including information on places to dance. Call our 800 number or email chapters via "Find A Local Chapter" section of our website for dance information across the US. Members use this service when planning business trips or vacations.


Membership Categories

Recreational - Social

Ballroom Dancer $ 35 - This is NOT a competitor category - Dances for enjoyment and works to improve but DOES NOT COMPETE. May include retired DS Athlete. While tangible benefit of Ballroom Dancer and Social Dancer are the same, those selecting this category have the satisfaction of knowing the difference in rate is donated to USA Dance to allow us to continue our work. Selection of this category is optional. This is not a competitor category.

Social Adult Dancer $ 25 - Enjoys and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing

Social Youth Dancer $ 10 - A social dancer under the age of 19. Often a family member or friend of adult member (Note: Social Youth members do not receive the American Dancer magazine.)

Social Dance Teacher $ 50 - An individual who is engaged in the teaching of social dance who does not compete as a professional and does not instruct those who will be competing in USA Dance events.

DanceSport: (Dancers who participate in DanceSport competitions)

To all USA Dance Athletes - Be certain to keep your membership current to avoid delays at competitions or possible disqualification.

Adult Athlete $ 70 - A competitive dancer who is age 19 or above.

Student Athlete $ 25 - A competitive dancer who is age of 19 or above but below age 35 and is enrolled in school full time.

Minor Athlete $ 20 - A competitive dancer who is below the age of 19.

Professional Athlete $ 75 - A competitive dancer who declares him or herself as a professional or dances as a professional in competition..

DanceSport Professional $ 80 - An individual who serves in an official capacity,(i.e. judge, emcee, music director, invigilator, organizer, chairperson of judges, IDSF Adjudicator, etc.) in the field of DanceSport and/or ballroom dance.

DanceSport: Special Olympics Athlete $10 - Qualifies for participating in Special Olympics competitions only.

DanceSport: Unified Sports Partner $25 - Dance Partner of Special Olympics Athlete for participating in Special Olympics only.

DanceSport Supporter $40 - This category of membership is designed for those who are not active competing athletes but who want to show support for the DanceSport initiatives of USA Dance. This would include former athletes, parents or other family members of athletes, and general supporters who would like their voice counted on DanceSport matters.